Vehicle transfer

Always in good hands

Are you looking for a reliable and reputable carrier to transfer your vehicle throughout Europe?

In addition to the main business, the sale of vehicles, the Autohaus Wolf GmbH with its brand carlogis is also the right contact for vehicle transfers for private customers, insurance companies, workshops, car dealerships and all commercial customers.

We transfer

  • cars
  • commercial vehicles (vans)
  • classic cars, youngtimers, sports cars, luxury vehicles (you will find special services for these vehicles below)
  • rental cars and leasing returns
  • accident cars
  • motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, trikes, quads, ATVs
  • mobile homes
  • caravans
  • trailers

up to 7.5 tons on its own with our own license plates. It goes without saying that the vehicle is properly fully insured.


Is your vehicle a classic car, youngtimer, an extremely rare or high-priced luxury vehicle or a super sports car?

Then the Protect Plus transfer is just right for you! We only transfer your vehicle directly without detours. Downtimes are also reduced to a minimum - breaks only take place at serviced rest areas and always within sight of your favorite.

From a distance of 600 km, as well as on European routes where a longer break or night's rest is unavoidable, a second driver is automatically included. So we are always on the road without having to spend the night at rest stops. This minimizes the risk of damage and loss of your vehicle to an extremely low level.

All our drivers who are entrusted with these transfers are subject to the strictest internal company requirements: no points in Flensburg, no entry in the central traffic register, absolutely "clean" police clearance certificate.

Write us a message, we will be happy to make you an individual offer.