Two companies - One spirit

Autohaus Westrich + Stark becomes Autohaus Wolf

Tradition connects and obliges! This is also the case with AHG Westrich Ltd. and the two predecessor companies Westrich & Stark Automobile and VAUH Ltd., which merged in November 2021. And this tradition has existed on the one hand through Georg Westrich and Dietmar Stark since 2003 and on the other hand through Patrick Wolf since 2007. 

By the end of 2022, Gerog Westrich, who has had a silent minority stake in AHG Westrich Ltd. since the merger, will finally retire. In the future, the sole shareholder of the company will be Patrick Wolf, who already has 15 years of experience in company management and has also managed the business of AHG Westrich Ltd. since the merger. 

Extensive restructuring, such as joining the BVfK e.V., has already been initiated in the past few weeks in order to be optimally positioned for the future. In the future we will offer our customers an even larger selection of vehicles, many more innovations and further improved services. We are also currently working on a vehicle subscription model in order to adapt to the mobility requirements of the future. 

As part of this offensive into the future, we will appear under a new name but with a long tradition. By the end of 2022, AHG Westrich Ltd. will become Autohaus Wolf GmbH. As a result of the change of name, our market presence will also change from Autohaus Westrich+Stark to Autohaus Wolf - the company name and market presence will be uniform in the future. 

The company is also giving itself a new corporate identity in a bright red and a fresh blue. The two colors of the new corporate identity indicate the values ​​of the company: red for innovation, authenticity and dynamism - blue for reliability, trust and stability. 

We look forward to becoming even better and more innovative for our customers and of course not only for them, but also to break new ground together with them.

About us and our history

Bochum, 2002 - The Bochum accountant Georg Westrich is looking for a new used vehicle. He struck gold with a used car dealer in Essen. He buys a VW Passat Estate with few kilometers.

Dortmund, 2002 - The Dortmund industrial clerk Dietmar Stark is also looking for a "new" one. At the same used car dealership in Essen, he opts for a BMW 3 Series.

The first technical problems with Westrich's Passat occur shortly after purchase and the vehicle breaks down without warning. The vehicle is then towed by breakdown workers to an authorized workshop - with devastating results. The error memory of the Passat is littered with a wide variety of errors, it is also found that various indicator lights in the speedometer have been manipulated and the mileage has also been turned back by 70,000km.

Dietmar Stark also noticed inconsistencies in the rear of his accident-free bought 3-series BMW. Various gap dimensions do not fit and in the area of ​​the spare wheel well it looks like parts have to be replaced. Together with a local BMW dealer, he researches the history of the vehicle. The vehicle not only had significant damage to the rear, but also slight damage to the front and was already at a BMW workshop with 50,000km more on the clock.

Both independently confront the Essen dealership and demand that the vehicles be taken back. The retailer does not give in, does not answer phone calls and does not respond to written deadlines. Everyone therefore turns to a well-known Dortmund lawyer for traffic and contract law in order to enforce their claims under civil law. Westrich and Stark meet by chance at the lawyer's premises and exchange contact details to update each other on the dealer's scams and the lawyer's progress.

Both quickly become friends and are annoyed that such "black sheep" are hardly ever put a stop to and that as a customer or used car buyer you are only led around by the nose. Westrich and Stark quickly came up with the idea of ​​founding a vehicle dealership and placing customer satisfaction at the center of the company, although neither of them had any industry-related knowledge. Transparency, quality, reliability, honesty - no tricks, these are the premises.

Westrich & Stark Automobile is founded on June 1, 2003. The concept initiated by both of them works. The company is growing and thriving, quickly becoming a well-known and reliable address when it comes to reliable used cars. You work hand in hand - Georg Westrich is responsible for finance and sales, Dietmar for purchasing and disposition and supports his partner in sales "if the air is around". Whether private or at work, you value each other and work together to achieve success.

Then in 2020 the big shock: Dietmar Stark is on the transfer journey of a 3-year-old C-Class Mercedes that he bought for resale. On the highway, traffic gradually becomes heavier and congestion occurs. At the end of the traffic jam, a semi-truck drives onto Stark's Mercedes and pushes it under the semi-trailer in front of it.

The death of his long-time friend and business partner hit Georg Westrich very hard and he still hasn't gotten over this loss to this day. Westrich is looking for a new beginning because everything around him reminds him of his friend. Together with his wife, who was born in the Palatinate, he dares to make a new start in the Palatinate. The entire vehicle stock and the entire company itself is to move to the region.

Georg Westrich is looking for storage facilities in the region and becomes aware of VAUH Ltd., which happens to be in the district of Westrich, Mackenbach. A trading and fulfillment company founded in 2007 in Queidersbach near Kaiserslautern by Patrick Wolf, which is also active in the areas of vehicle logistics, storage and logistics.

VAUH Ltd. is also active in the sale of camping and leisure vehicles and, in spring 2021, after relocating to Mackenbach, started trading in used cars and commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tons, specializing in vehicles from the Volkswagen group right from the start. The market presence takes place under the name Vagenpark Automobile. This name is chosen because the "V" from the previous company name and VAG (short for Volkswagen Audi group) is included. In German the word is pronounced like "Wagen" which is another word for car or vehicle.

It quickly turns out that after the death of his business partner, Georg Westrich lacks the motivation and drive to continue. Westrich turns to Patrick Wolf, the managing director of VAUH Ltd., where the vehicles are currently stored, and offers to take over his company.

In November 2021 the time has come and VAUH Ltd. takes over Westrich & Stark Automobile including the entire vehicle inventory and integrates the vehicle trade with almost 20 years of tradition into the company.  Immediately after the takeover, the vehicle portfolio is no longer limited to quality used cars, camping and leisure vehicles, but is expanded to include new cars, year-old cars and one-day-registrations. From now on, the "new" company will be managed solely by Patrick Wolf as managing director.

In January 2022, the shareholders' meeting of VAUH Ltd. decides to realign the company. On February 28, 2022, the company will cease its operations in courier and transport, fulfillment, warehousing and storage offered under the VariLog brand. In the future, the company will focus exclusively on its new core business, which is much more extensive vehicle trading, as well as vehicle logistics and vehicle transfers. 

Due to the fact that Georg Westrich's surname  and also our region coincidentally have the same name, VAUH Ltd. will be renamed AHG Westrich Ltd., an acronym for AutoHandelsGesellschaft Westrich (AHG = Car trading corporation), in March of 2022. The traditional name Westrich & Stark Automobile be slightly modified and initially retained as the sales brand Autohaus Westrich + Stark.

Since the founding of both companies, the greatest attention has been paid to the reliability and quality of the vehicles sold. This is reflected in the high standards in the visual and technical inspection of the vehicles and an extremely low rate of complaints. In October 2022, AHG Westrich Ltd. will join the BVfK e.V. (Registered federal association of independent car dealers). The BVfK e.V. is known for its extremely strict admission criteria and quality standards to be observed, whereby the internal standards and specifications of our company far exceed the required standards of the BVfK e.V.

Since November 2022, new vehicles from 32 brands can be ordered individually according to the customer's exact requirements, just like with authorized brand dealers. Many manufacturers also allow you to pick up the vehicle from the factory.

At the end of 2022, Georg Westrich, who had held a minority stake in the company since the merger of the two companies, will finally go into well-deserved retirement. In the future, the company will operate under the name Autohaus Wolf Ltd. and will appear on the market under this name. The name Autohaus Westrich + Stark is no longer used. At the same time, the company is discontinuing the commodity trade that has existed since 2007, which has only been taking place to a very small extent since November 2021, under the V-Distribution brand. Only the trade in car accessories and spare parts is continued using the company name Autohaus Wolf

Our history


On June 1st, Georg Westrich and Dietmar Stark found the company Westrich & Stark Automobile in Bochum. Only used cars and light commercial vehicles are sold


Patrick Wolf founds the trading company V-Distribution in Queidersbach near Kaiserslautern


V-Distribution expands its business services to storage, logistics, courier services and fulfillment services. The VariLog brand (for variable logistics) is created for these services


V-Distribution specializes in goods trading in leisure and camping items


With vehicle logistics and vehicle transfers, V-Distribution is once again expanding its range of services in the logistics sector


Already active in the trade in leisure and camping items and vehicle logistics, V-Distribution begins trading in camping and leisure vehicles (caravans, mobile homes, ATVs, quads, etc.)


Dietmar Stark, co-founder and partner of Westrich & Stark Automobile, dies in a car accident


In February, the headquarters are relocated from Queidersbach to Mackenbach and are transformed from a sole proprietorship into VAUH GmbH

In April, VAUH GmbH starts trading in used cars and commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tons. The sale takes place under the name Vagenpark Automobile

Georg Westrich moves privately and with Westrich & Stark Automobile to the West Palatinate. The vehicles are stored at VAUH GmbH

In November, VAUH GmbH takes over the individual company Westrich & Stark Automobile. In the future, only the name Westrich & Stark Automobile will be used for vehicle sales


From January, new cars, one-day-registrations, demonstration cars and year-old cars will complement the range of vehicles

As of February 28, the company will discontinue warehousing, logistics, courier services and fulfillment services without replacement. Vehicle logistics and transfers will continue unchanged under the carlogis name

In March the company name is changed from VAUH GmbH to AHG Westrich GmbH. The traditional name of the vehicle sale is slightly modified and is now Autohaus Westrich + Stark

In October 2022, the company will join the Federal Association of Independent Car Dealers e.V. (BVfK e.V. for short)

Since November, new vehicles from 32 brands can be ordered individually according to the customer's exact requirements, just like with authorized brand dealers. Georg Westrich gives up his silent participation and retires on November 30th

From December, the company will operate under its new name Autohaus Wolf GmbH and will only appear on the market under this name in the future


As of January 1st, the company will stop trading in goods, which has existed since 2007. In addition to the actual car dealership business and vehicle logistics, only the trade in accessories and spare parts will continue.

End of  August, the company moves into its new premises including a glass showroom and spacious outdoor area at Kindsbacher Str. 43 in Ramstein-Miesenbach. The new location is centrally located and is even easier for our customers to reach by car or train, since Ramstein train station is within walking distance.