Leasing & Financing

Up to 96 months term - and always at the best conditions!

Make your dream vehicle your vehicle. With a new or premium used car from Autohaus Wolf and the favorable conditions of our financing and leasing partners. 

With the most-chosen financing and leasing providers from brand-independent dealers, you always have a reliable and stable partner at your side. And since we work with two different providers, we are always guaranteed to have the best conditions for you! 

It doesn't matter whether you want financing with or without a down payment, a term of 12 or 96 months, and financing with or without a final installment. Or simply want to lease your vehicle. We always have the right financing and the right leasing for you! We also have a cooperation with the Service Credit Union.

If you wish, you are protected against everyone during the entire term with a credit protection insurance, GAP protection and a purchase price compensation contingencies covered.

Favorable conditions

whether it's financing or leasing - thanks to several partners

Variable down payment

from 0,-€ to a maximum of 30% of the purchase price

Security with the credit protection insurance (KSB)

If you wish, you can insure yourself against incapacity to work and death with the KSB. KSB-Plus even protects you against unemployment.

GAP protection

The optionally available GAP protection protects you in the event of a total loss of the financed vehicle. Because the fully comprehensive insurance only replaces the current value of the vehicle - but not the value at the bank. The GAP protection closes this gap and takes over the difference between time and bank value.

Purchase price compensation

With an agreed purchase price compensation, you will be reimbursed the proven purchase price within an agreed period in the event of a total loss of the vehicle. In the event of damage, not only the current vehicle value is reimbursed according to the appraisal, but also the proven vehicle price. In the case of purchase price compensation for used cars, there may be a maximum age for the vehicle. A replacement value compensation can be agreed for new vehicles and, if applicable, also for one-day registrations.

Current vehicle offers

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